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TECHone Traker 3D Aerobat / Park Flier (900mm)

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Manufact: Techone

Product Description


 This TECHone Traker is a 3D capable sport plane designed to make the transition from sport models to the more challenging 3D aircraft easier.

This is a built up model constructed from 3mm screen-printed Depron sheet. Both the fuselage and wing incorporate formers with local plight ply reinforcement to form a fully sectioned wing and fuselage. This results in a very crash resistant airframe with just enough flex built in to allow the structure to 'give' when needed. The hollow construction uses carbon reinforcing to provide a very lightly loaded airframe while the bright colour scheme makes it highly visible.

The Traker has a large wing area and light wing loading resulting in very forgiving flight characterisitics, especially in slow flight. The finely engineered tapered constant thickness airfoil produces excellent slow speed handling while its large control surfaces provide excellent control authority.

Experienced 3D pilots will appreciate the uniquely designed, sport aerobatics or stick bending 3D - the Traker 3D is up for what ever you are.

* 3D  Aerobatic performance
* Hollow light weight airframe
* Tapered thickness airfoil for improved aerobatic performance
* Large control surfaces for precise control in high Alpha flight
* An ideal design for the beginner learning 3D aerobatics
* Capable of sport to extreme 3D Aerobatics
* Generous wing area and light wing loading for superb slow flight response

* Wingspan: 900mm / 35.4in
* Length : 885mm / 34.8in
* Weight: 260-305g / 9.2-10.8oz with battery
* RC functions: ailerons, elevator, throttle, rudder

What's in the box:
* Depron foam airframe: fuselage, one-piece wing, tail surfaces
* Carbon fibre rod and strip
* Small parts pack
* Sprung wire undercarriage with light weight wheels
* Illustrated assembly instructions

* Motor: A20-30M or 2208/34 brushless outrunner
* ESC: 18A (dependent on motor/prop/battery combination)
* Prop: 10 x 4.7SF (dependent on motor choice)
* Servos: 4 x 8g (ailerons, elevator, rudder)
* Battery: 800 ~ 1000mAh 2S (7.4V) LiPo (dependent on motor/prop combination)
* RC system: TX/RX min 4-channel
* Glue: Foam Friendly CA (with Kicker) or UHU-por

Our recommended 2S LiPo power setup:
* Motor: 47g 1400KV (120W) A2212(2826)-10T brushless outrunner
* ESC: Basic 20A ESC
* Prop: GWS 9 x 4.7SF
* Servos: 4 x 8.6g EMax ES08DE
* Recommended Battery: 800mAh 2S (7.4V) LiPo



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Additional Information

SKU 401526
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