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Hollow Lite SU-31 EPP 3D

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This is a built up ARTF EPP model. Both the fuselage and wing are constructed from 4mm EPP sheet that is glued on top of EPP formers giving it a fully sectioned wing and fuselage. This results in a very crash resistant airframe with just enough flex built in to allow the structure to 'give' when needed. The hollow construction uses ply and carbon reinforcing to provide a very lightly loaded airframe while the bright yellow colour makes it highly visible.

The components to complete the build are inexpensive and we list below our recommendation. The ailerons can be set up as a single servo in each wing or a centrally mounted, single servo.

The construction makes for a crash-damage resistant model that is suited to both outdoor and indoor flying in a suitable sports hall sized area.

Due to the hollow structure of the model, it is an ideal candidate for internal LED lighting. Simply slide a 1m strip of LED lights down the fuselage and a 1m strip of LED lights down the inside of the wing (LED lights not included). Note: Don't forget to check the input voltage of your LEDs for compatibility.

* Hollow light weight airframe
* An ideal design for the beginner learning 3D aerobatics
* Innovative design allows for battery to be loaded via top of fuselage
* Finished in an attractive airbrushed design
* Low parts count for a simple and quick build
* All-EPP construction resistant to crash damage
* Repairs easily with standard CA
* Builds in 1 to 2 evenings

* Wingspan: 840mm / 33.1in
* Length: 900mm / 35.4in
* Flying weight: 350-380g / 12.35-13.4oz
* Weight airframe only: 140g / 4.9oz
* RC functions: min 4-channel (ailerons, elevator, rudder, throttle).

What's in the box:
* Prebuilt EPP fuselage and wings
* Accessory pack including hinges, clevises, ply motor mount, carbon rods,control rods etc.

* Motor: 80-120W brushless outrunner
* ESC: 15-20A (dependent on motor/prop/battery combination)
* Prop: 9 x 4.7SF (dependent on motor choice)
* Servos:3/4 x 5g (ailerons (1/2), elevator, rudder)
* Battery: 800 ~ 1300mAh 2S (7.4V) LiPo (dependent on motor/prop combination)
* RC system: TX/RX min 4-channel
* Glue: Standard CA or hot melt glue


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Additional Information

SKU 402101
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