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Multiplex Easy Glider Pro 214226

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Manufact: Multiplex

Product Description


EasyGlider electric PRO- Simple to build, easy to fly

Ours is a wonderful hobby, closely allied to nature, and with little
effort and expenditure you can have your fi rst experience of it.
The electric power system means that you always have a method
of launching the model without outside assistance, as well
as a reliable method of “getting you home” at the slope.
The fl ying characteristics of the EasyGlider electric are totally
docile for the beginner, although this certainly does not mean
that the expert will fi nd nothing to enjoy. In terms of sinking speed
the fl ight performance is excellent, the glide angle is good, and
the model’s performance can be optimised for breezy conditions
by adding ballast. Once up to gliding height, you stand a great
chance of catching a thermal.

• Low airspeed - ideal fl ying characteristics for the beginner

• Brisk fl ying speed when ballasted

• Spoiler effect by defl ecting both ailerons - if your RC system includes this option

• Removable wings for ease of transport

• Can easily be painted using ELAPOR® MULTIprimer, # 60 2700

• An excellent choice for initial fl ight training, as the prefabricated moulded parts are made of robust ELAPOR® foam

• Aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle controls

Kit contents:

All moulded parts and small items, GRP wing joiner, decal sheet,
comprehensive instructions,

Specifi cation:

Wingspan: 1800 mm

Overall length: 1130 mm

All-up weight, glider: approx. 880 g

Wing area (FAI): 41.6 dm²

Wing loading: 21 g / dm²

with ballast (max. 350 g) approx. 29 g / dm²

(e.g. for slope soaring or in windy conditions)

RC functions: Rudder, elevator, aileron, throttle, optional spoilers (if RC system permits)


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Additional Information

SKU 403635
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