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4mm Bullets to JST-PH3 Paralel Balance Board

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This JST-PH3 6-port parallel charge board is used for balance charging up to six 2S (7.4V) LiPo batteries fitted with a JST-PH3/UMX connector i.e. those LiPos used in (but not limited to) the  E-Flite UMX series planes and helis such as the Beast, Mig-15, Hyper Taxi, Sbach 342, GeeBee R2, Blade 130X and Blade mCP X BL.

The power lead is fitted with 4mm gold-plated 'banana' plugs. The balance cable is fitted with a JST-XH plug. It can be connected directly to a balance charger with a 2S JST-XH port or a JST-XH balance board.

The charging circuit is protected with 12 self-resettable polyfuses to prevent accidental short circuit.The melting current of each fuse is 1.5A. The maximum total charge current equals 1.5A multiplied by the number of batteries.

Charging Guidelines:

* Parallel charging will only work on same cell count/same voltage batteries, but they can have different capacities (within reason). They can also be at different states of discharge - again within reason. You should not attempt to parallel charge a pack that is 5% discharged with one that is 80% discharged for example. The general rule to follow is no more than a 0.1 Volt maximum difference between cells.

* Always connect the board to the charger BEFORE batteries are inserted and always remove batteries from the board BEFORE disconnecting the board from the charger. (i.e. batteries should never be attached/detached unless the board is attached to the charger, or short circuit at the gold plugs may occur).

* This board can charge 1 to 6 LiPos at the same time.  Please note that this connection is PARALLEL.  As such, all batteries should be at approximately the same state of discharge with the batteries having similar voltage when connected to the board.

* Due to the parallel arrangement, any small differences in cell voltage will be equalised once the batteries have been connected together for a few minutes. Please allow enough time for the voltages to equalise before starting the charge process.

Charging information:

* Charging at no more than 2C is suggested.

* Total charge current (A) = mAh / 1000 x pack C rating

(where: 'mAh' is the total capacity of all the batteries being charged in mAh, and 'C' is the maximum charge rating of the LiPos)

For six 200mAh batteries at 2C - the charge current should be 2.4A (6 packs x 200mAh / 1000 x2C = 2.4A)

For three 180mAh batteries at 1C - the charge current should be 0.54A (3 packs x 180mAh / 1000 x1C = 0.54A / 500mA

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Additional Information

SKU 405309
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