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4mm Bullets to JST-PH2 Paralel Balance Board

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This is the Micro ParaBoard PH2/Pico (Ultra Micro UM) 6-port parallel charge board it is used for charging multiple liPo batteries safely it is protected with 6 self resettable polyfuses to prevent accidental short circuit.

The board has six sets of 2 pin JST-PH2/MCPX connectors and six sets of Pico connectors.It can charge up to six batteries of the same time

The board can be used for Batteries found on the Parkzone Ultra micro series models such as the Spitfire, Stryker, Polecat, Corsair, Mosquito, Trojan, Night Vapor, SUkhoi SU26, P51 Mustang and Ember as well as the Blade Scout CX, MSRx, Nano CPX and MCPX

The connectors on the power leads are 4mm gold.

The melting current of each resettable fuse is 1.5amps.The maximum total charge current equals 1.5amps multiplied by the number of batteries.

* The adapter can charge up to six batteries at the same time, you can choose to connect either six PicoBlade or six PH2.You can charge PicoBlade and PH2 but you must ensure only one in each group at the same time.

* The adapter should always be connected to the charger BEFORE batteries are inserted, and batteries should be removed from the adapter before the adapter is disconnected from the charger. (i.e. batteries should never be attached/detached unless the adapter is attached to the charger, or short circuit at the gold plugs may occur).

* The adapter can charge 1 to 6 LiPo's at the same time.  However, note that this connection is PARALLEL.  As such, all batteries should be at approximately the same state of discharge when connected to the adapter.

* Due to the parallel arrangement, any small differences in cell voltage will be balanced after the batteries are connected together for a few minutes.

Charging information:
Total charge current (A) = mah / 1000 x C rating
Mah is the total capacity of all your batteries in mah; C is the maximum charge rating of your battery.Charging at 2c is suggested.For example if you are charging six 200mah batteries at 2C the charge current should be 2.4amps (1200/1000x2=2.4amps)

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Additional Information

SKU 405308
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