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9.6V 2100mah 20c LiFe Hyperion Transmitter FG305

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Manufact: Hyperion

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This transmitter battery pack is the latest addition to our battery range and offers significant advantages over traditional NiCd/NiMH battery packs. These packs also offer a safe upgrade alternative to the TX LiPo packs currently being introduced by some manufacturers. This pack is an ideal replacement for many transmitters (including Futaba) which require a 9.6V square arrangement. It offers optimum voltage compatibility with a nominal voltage of 9.9V per pack (3.3V per cell x 3).

Assembled using high-quality LiFePO4 cells, Hyperion G3 packs offer the following advantages:

* On a voltage basis (3.3V per cell), they are an excellent replacement for NiCd, NiMH and LiPo TX batteries.
* They may be stored in a fully charged state.
* They have an extremely low self-discharge rate resulting in longer elapsed times between charges.
* They may be discharged to low levels without damage to the cells.
* They do not exibit the dreaded memory effect which can be a characteristic of NiCd/NiMH cells.
* The packs are light and compact with more capacity per gram than other battery chemistries.
* They display superior performance under load.
* Re-charge times typically are 30-45 minutes with no danger of thermal runaway fires which can occur when a LiPo pack is overcharged.
* The packs incorporate a Safety PCM circuit which protects the pack from over-charging and allows you to charge the pack inside your transmitter, using the standard, wall-charger supplied by the Tx maker. Wall chargers up to 12V maximum are usable.

* Type: Hyperion G3 LiFe Radio Pack
* Intended use: RC transmitter requiring a 9.6V square arrangement (compatible with standard 2 x 2 x 2 cell arrangement).
* Chemistry: LiFe PO4
* Capacity: 2100mAh
* Number of cells: 3 (3.3V per cell)
* Voltage: 9.9V
* Maximum continuous current: 10.5A
* Absolute maximum charge rate: 4.8A / 10.95V (DO NOT exceed this rate)
* Balance plug: Hyperion/Polyquest type
* Terminals: Factory-fitted shielded plug with 3.5mm gold connectors (a spare plug/connector set is included which may be used to make a charge cable or adaptor lead for your transmitter input plug/socket/terminals)
* Weight: 155.2g
* Dimensions: Length 95mm, Width 30.3mm, Height 27.1mm

A full data sheet is included with every pack.

CAUTION - While this transmitter pack has a PCM device which allows it to be charged while in the transmitter, using the standard wall-charger supplied by the Tx maker, other packs using LiFePO4 chemistry should only be charged on quality chargers which have a dedicated charge routine for LifePO4 cells.

NEVER attempt to charge a damaged pack.

Read all cautions on the product packaging and printed instructions before using this pack.

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Additional Information

SKU 405169
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