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Manufact: Frsky

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 This is an X4R LBT FIRMWARE telemetry receiver it is only compatible with Frsky Transmitters and modules that have LBT FIRMWARE installed.

If your Transmitter or module has Pre-2016 LBT FIRMWARE then you must upgrade your Transmitter or module to the new LBT FIRMWARE. The new LBT FIRMWARE features D16 and LR12 options and is the latest firmware from FRSKY.

This is the new X4R telemetry receiver from Frsky. It features up to 4 regular PWM outputs.

FrSKY receivers provide a simple and inexpensive solution for those fliers wishing to enjoy the significant benefits and advantages of interference free 2.4GHz operation.

This FrSKY ACCST 2.4GHz  Two-Way (send and receive) receiver is one of a range of telemetry enabled receivers designed and developed by FrSKY to be compatible with the Taranis X9D transmitter in D16 mode and also FrSKY 'X' series modules such as the XJT module (but not 'D' series modules).

The two-way system provides not only normal RC control but also a true telemetry system to return measurements from the model to the transmitter. This new capability allows for data such as altitude, GPS location, battery levels, speed, etc. to be transmitted to a telemetry enabled transmitter where it can be represented on an LCD screen in real time to the operator. Never again will you have to wonder whether or not you have enough voltage to keep flying. Being able to monitor voltage will also help you detect a worn out battery pack before it prematurely ends your flight.
The X4R provides 4 channels as well as the new Smart Port, that supports the new range of hubless digital sensors. It is possible to connect the new variometer sensor direct to this receiver, and still connect a sensor hub to use existing analogue sensors.
* FrSKY’s Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCST) system giving a highly reliable link, especially in high interference environments
* 4 PWM channels
* Smart Port enabled - this feature is a signal wire, full-duplex, digital transmission interface developed by FrSKY Electronic Co Ltd. All products enabled with Smart Port including: the XJT module, the X4R receiver, new hub-less sensors, new Smart Dashboard, etc., serial port user data and other user input/output devices can be connected without limitations for numbers or sequences at a high transmission speed
* External analogue telemetry port (AD2)
* RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) PWM output (0~3.3V) on board
* Easy to bind and has instant link-up between transmitter and receiver
* Excellent reboot times
* Quick response
* Very smooth servo movement
* Firmware upgradeable
* Model: X4R
* Pin configuration: end
* Number of channels: 4
* Modulation: ACCST (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology)
* Band: 2.4GHz
* Input voltage: 4V~10V
* Operating current: 100mA @ 5V
* RSSI output: analogue voltage output (0~3.3V)
* Servo frame rate: 18ms for FS Normal Speed Mode, 9ms for HS High Speed Mode
* Operating Range: >1.5km
* Dimensions (LxWxH): 40 x 22.5 x 6mm
* Weight: 5.8g

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Additional Information

SKU 406707
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