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FrSKY transmitter modules provide a simple and inexpensive solution for those fliers wishing to retain their investment in their existing 35mHz transmitter while enjoying the significant benefits and advantages of interference free 2.4GHz operation.

The latest 'D' series (Two-Way - send and receive) modules have full telemetry capability. They have been designed and engineered specifically to allow simple conversion of virtually all makes and models of non-2.4GHz transmitters. External modules are available for transmitters that have a removable RF module; internal modules are available for installation inside the transmitter case for those that don't. All conversion modules provide full failsafe setting. They are supplied complete with the signature 2.4GHz short antenna.

Although the 'D' series modules are intended for use with FrSKY 'D' (Two-Way) series telemetry capable receivers, they are fully compatible with FrSKY non-telemetry receivers in the even more affordable, smaller and lighter V8 range.

This ACCST Telemetry DHT internal module is known by FrSKY enthusiasts as the 'Hack Module'. It requires a straight forward internal fitting procedure and provides exactly the same high quality interference free 2.4GHz operation as the other modules in the series. A switch is provided to allow the use of both telemetry-capable and non-telemetry receivers.

* FrSKY’s Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology (ACCST) system giving a highly reliable link, especially in high interference environments.
* Easy to bind and has instant link-up between transmitter and receiver.
* Excellent reboot times.
* All channels offer failsafe.
* Quick response.
* Very smooth servo movement.
* Alarms on monitored conditions in the receiver (e.g. low battery voltage, poor reception, etc.)
* Error-free link, through the use of a 48-bit CRC algorithm (Data contains error detection bits)
* Low power consumption.
* True two-antenna diversity.
* Firmware upgradable

* Model: DHT
* Modulation: ACCST (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology)
* Band: 2.4GHz
* Resolution: 11bit (3072)
* Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V-13.0V
* Operating Current: 50mA
* Output Power: 60mW
* Dimensions: 55 x 34 x 8mm (main board)

This DHT transmitter module is compatible with virtually all 35mHz transmitters that do not have an external RF module.

Other modules in the FrSKY range include:

* the ACCST Telemetry XJT module designed for JR module based transmitters.

* the ACCST Telemetry DFT module designed for Futaba, HiTec and WFLY module based transmitters.

* the ACCST Telemetry DJT module designed for JR module based transmitters.

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Additional Information

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