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FrSKY Battery Voltage Sensor (FBVS-01)

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Manufact: Frsky

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This is the FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor it is provided as Two Way Telemetry System’s Optional Accessory. There are three voltage ranges to choose: 1S lipo for battery voltage range from 0V~6.6V, up to 3S lipo for 0V~13.2V and up to 5S lipo for 0V~19.8V. Please check the battery voltage division ratio for each option below: Recommended Voltage Option Max Lipo Pack Count Battery Voltage Division Ratio 1S 1S 2:1 2S 3S 4:1 3S 5S 6:1

This particular sensor is used to read the voltage of an external battery eg. LiPo flight battery, video or other accessory battery. It is connected directly to the external analog telemetry port (A2) provided on FrSKY telemetry enabled two-way 'D' series receivers where the data can be sent to a compatible transmitter module such as the all-in-one FrSKY ACCST 2.4GHz DHT-U module with integrated telemetry and in-built display with audio alarms.

* Three voltage ranges:
- 0V~6.6V (1S),
- 0V~13.2V (up to 3S),
- 0V~19.8V (up to 5S).
* The battery voltage division ratio for each option is
- 2:1 (1S)
- 4:1 (up to 3S)
- 6:1 (up to 5S).

* Lead length: 265mm (overall)
* Dimensions: 10 x 20 x 2mm (sensor)
* Weight: 2g

If you are using only one battery in your model without a separate receiver battery i.e. you are using the ESC BEC, you should NOT connect the black (GND) wire of the voltage sensor because GND is already supplied to the receiver from the ESC. Connecting another ground is likely to cause a ground loop that could result in premature failure of attached electronic components. Alternatively, If you are using a separate battery for the receiver/servos and the FBVS-01 is being used to monitor your LiPo flight pack, both the red and black wires may be connected to the flight pack.


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Additional Information

SKU 406835
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