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HYPERION 600TVL Minicam 25 with integrated 5.8GHz 25mw VTX

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Manufact: Hyperion

Product Description


Product Description

The Hyperion Mini Cam + 600tvl VTX combines an FPV camera and a 25mW 5.8GHz transmitter into a single unit no bigger than a thimble. Its signal range is ideal for small park flyers or racing quads and it can be powered separately or through the model's receiver, or an auxiliary 2.5-5V power source.


Plugs directly into your model's receiver for power
Micro size, only 4.5grams
Integrated 40 channel 25mw VTX with Raceband
Easy to change channels
Transmitter power: 25mW (50~100m range approx)
Input Power: 2.5 - 5V
Camera Resolution: 600TVL
Minimum Illumination: 1 lux
Field of view: 120° viewing angle
Antenna Dimensions: 20mm x 25mm diameter
Antenna: Cloverleaf Antenna (RHCP)
Video Output: NTSC
Frequency: 5.8Ghz, 5 bands, 40 channel, 5658-5917
Size: 20mm x 17mm (LxW)
Weight: 4.5grams


Band 1(F): 5740(CH1), 5760(CH2), 5780(CH3), 5800(CH4), 5820(CH5), 5840(CH6), 5860(CH7), 5880(CH8)
Band 2(E): 5705(CH1), 5685(CH2), 5665(CH3), 5645(CH4), 5885(CH5), 5905(CH6), 5925(CH7), 5945(CH8)
Band 3(A): 5865(CH1), 5845(CH2), 5825(CH3), 5805(CH4), 5785(CH5), 5765(CH6), 5745(CH7), 5725(CH8)
Band 4(R): 5658(CH1), 5695(CH2), 5732(CH3), 5769(CH4), 5806(CH5), 5843(CH6), 5880(CH7), 5917(CH8)
Band 5(B): 5733(CH1), 5752(CH2), 5771(CH3), 5790(CH4), 5809(CH5), 5828(CH6), 5847(CH7), 5866(CH8)

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Additional Information

SKU 425322
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