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162g - 2150kv - 28mm E-flite BL32 DF EDF Motor (EFLM3032DFA)

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Manufact: E-Flite

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This powerful brushless inrunner motor is an ideal choice for 80mm electric ducted fan models such as the E-flite Habu 32 DF and other similar-sized ducted fan jets. It is designed for use with the purpose-built E-flite Delta-V 32 80mm EDF unit (EFLDF32) but will provide great performance in other 80mm diameter fan units requiring a 28mm inrunner motor.

When used with a 4S LiPo and a small electric prop, this motor is also suitable for fast pusher jets such as the Multiplex Funjet Ultra. Using a 3600mAh 30-40C 4S (14.8V) LiPo, a Pro 80A ESC we reached 950 input watts on an APC-E 6 x 5.5 and 600 input watts on an APC-E 5 x 5.

* Powerful brushless inrunner for EDF units
* Purpose-built for the E-flite Delta-V 32 80mm EDF unit (EFLDF32)
* Ideal for all 80mm EDF units requiring a 28mm diameter inrunner motor
* Ideal for up to 1400 continuous input watts or 1665W maximum burst
* High-quality construction with ball bearings and hardened steel shaft
* 6-pole design

* Model: BL32 DF
* KV (rpm/V): 2150
* Continuous current: 62A
* Max burst current: 75A
* Cells: 4S-6S LiPo
* Diameter: 28mm
* Length: 52mm
* Weight: 162g
* Shaft diameter: 5mm
* Recommended ESC: Pro 80A

Performance data using the recommended Delta-V 32 80mm EDF unit:
* Installed static thrust 6S (22.2V): 4.5 lbs, 38,500 rpm, 1400W (Habu 32, 5000mAh 6S 30C LiPo)
* Static thrust 6S (22.2V): 5.4 lbs 39,640rpm, 1160W (NB: Data measured in lab conditions using bell mouth intake and tail pipe measuring 159mm in length with 72mm exit diameter)

The performance figures are provided as a guide only. The actual performance of the motor may be degraded by incorrect timing of the ESC, battery quality, temperature, unbalanced impellor, poor installation, poor wiring and electrical integrity and also inadequate cooling airflow over the ESC heatsink.

* Adequate cooling is required for all motor operation at maximum current levels.
* We recommend using a WATT METER to check a new system to ensure that the manufacturer's recommended specifications are not exceeded.
* YOU MUST confirm that the ESC program settings - especially the timing, are correct before running the motor.
* During the watt meter test, if the maximum current (Amps) is close to, or has reached, the maximum current for the motor before you have reached the full (open) throttle position DO NOT continue with the test.

* Maximum burst current duration is 15 seconds. Adequate time between maximum burst intervals is required for proper cooling and to avoid overheating the motor.
* Maximum burst current rating is for full high power and limited motor run flights. Lack of proper throttle management may result in damage to the motor since excessive use of burst current may overheat the motor.
* Exceeding the motor specifications will damage the motor and / or ESC and battery. It is important that these components are set up properly. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
* We are unable to uphold the manufacturer's warranty if for any reason the motor has been modified, or used outside of the manufacturer's specification.



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Additional Information

SKU 409465
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