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90mm EDF Unit inc Motor for 6S LiPo (1250W) (F3553-1750)

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This economical plastic EDF unit is specifically designed for 6S (22.2V) LiPo batteries. It is supplied assembled and uses an efficient, high KV brushless outrunner motor with an aft cone.

Manufacturer Specification:
* Type: F3553-1750
* EDF unit class: 90mm
* Motor class: Brushless
* KV (rpm/V): 1750
* Number of cells: 6S (22.2V)
* Maximum current: 62A
* Constant current: n/a
* Thrust: 2800g
* Maximum Power: 1250W
* Maximum rpm (load speed): 5200
* Weight: 308g
* Recommended ESC: BRC 80A Pro

* Overall length: 135mm inc. motor
* Length of ducted fan housing: 67mm inc. intake ring
* Outside diameter of ducted fan housing: 94mm
* Outside diameter of front housing flange/intake ring: 102mm
* Fan rotor/impeller diameter: 87mm (6-blade)

These new fan units offer incredible value. We recommend that you always balance an EDF unit - even a brand new one. A smooth running balanced fan is much more efficient! A small bead of silicone will do the job.

* Modern EDFs are efficient, powerful and reliable but must be treated with respect. Please be aware that you risk possible personal harm if you do not take the necessary safety precautions when installing, setting up and running any of these EDF units.

* All our fans and motors are subjected to strict quality control checks during manufacture. They are test run at the factory to ensure that they meet their operational specification before they are released and shipped. The fans are put through a series of tests to ensure that they are operating as intended. You should ensure that the EDF unit you purchase is appropriate for the intended application and is installed correctly.

* Please note that the manufacturer's performance figures are provided as a guide. The actual performance of the EDF unit may be degraded by poor model design affecting efficient airflow, location within the model, poor installation, poor wiring and electrical integrity and also inadequate cooling airflow over the ESC heatsink.

* YOU MUST always use a WATT METER to check a new system, to ensure that the factory recommended specifications are not exceeded.
* YOU MUST confirm that the ESC program settings- especially the timing - are correct for the particular unit purchased before running the motor.
* There is no general rule for timing; please refer to the manufacturer's technical data/specification. If in doubt, you should start with the ESC timing set to low, making further changes to optimise the performance of your particular setup.
* During your watt meter test, if the maximum current (Amps) is close to - or has reached - the maximum current for the EDF unit BEFORE you have reached the full (open) throttle position DO NOT continue with the test. You should check and, if necessary change the timing of your ESC. Also, the throttle ATV (Adjustable Travel Volume) top end point on your transmitter may need to be reduced to the appropriate level to avoid overdriving the fan unit.

* Exceeding the EDF unit/motor specifications will damage the motor, and/or ESC and battery. It is important that these components are set up properly. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
* We are unable to uphold the manufacturer's warranty if for any reason the EDF unit has been modified, dismantled or used outside of the manufacturer's specification.
* For claims under warranty, we reserve the right to return any failed EDF unit for investigation and inspection to the manufacturer for a judgement on the claim.
* During testing and operation, please be aware that EDF units are particularly effective at ingesting loose items and foreign bodies which invariably cause the rotor blades to explode. Operate the EDF unit in a clean and clear area!
* For safety reasons NEVER Power an EDF unit while holding it in your hand - your increasing grip as the motor spools up is likely to distort the unit causing binding and damage to the housing and/or impeller blades.
For safety reasons NEVER Power an EDF unit while holding it in your hand - your increasing grip as the motor spools up is likely to distort the unit causing binding and damage to the housing and/or impeller blades.

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Additional Information

SKU 411968
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