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13g - 2000kv C18-15-25 Brushless Motor

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Manufact: RobotBird

Product Description


These tiny C18 outrunner motors trully are the next generation in small, lightweight electric flight. Weighing less than 13g including 2mm gold connectors, they bring with them a whole host of possibilities.

This now fills the gap between pager motor/actuator setups & the more traditional 2205/CDROM size brushless power plant. Capable of flying any model with an all up weight in the 70-150g range.
They come complete with an integrated prop saver at one end & traditional shaft at the other. Also with the motor you get a lightweight collet adaptor & backmount set.

These motors would be ideal to use on models such as the micro street racers, micro WWII warbirds, free flight conversions, small scratch built planes & loads more.

* Max Current: 4.0A
* KV: 2000 RPM/V
* Dimensions: 18mm diameter, 15mm long
* Weight: 13g
* Shaft diameter: 2mm
* Suggested Cell Count: 2-3s Lipo
* Suggested Prop size:Up to 7x5, GWS 7x3.5 2.7A (7.2V), GWS 5x3 2.7A (10V), GWS 6x3 3.8A (10V)

Please note:
The above performance figures are provided as a guide only. The actual performance of the motor may be degraded by incorrect timing of the ESC, battery quality, temperature, unbalanced propellor, poor installation, poor wiring and electrical integrity and also inadequate cooling airflow over the ESC heatsink.

Setting up:
*Brushless motors do not need to be ‘run in’. Do not run any motor on ‘bench test’ for longer than 20 seconds. The motor and ESC may get excessively hot causing damage to the power train components.

* We recommend using a WATT METER to check a new system to ensure that the manufacturer's recommended specifications are not exceeded.

* YOU MUST confirm that the ESC program settings - especially the timing, are correct before running the motor.

* During the watt meter test, if the maximum current (Amps) is close to, or has reached, the maximum current for the motor before you have reached the full (open) throttle position DO NOT continue with the test. You should reduce the diameter and / or pitch of the propellor and retest

* Exceeding the motor specifications will damage the motor and / or ESC and battery. It is important that these components are set up properly. Failure to do so will void the warranty.

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    Additional Information

    SKU 409832
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